2017 List of Donors

2017 Kessler Society


Leadership gifts from Kessler Society members provide Kessler Foundation with a base of financial support that provides our scientists and grant makers with critical resources. These funds propel new research discoveries and fund innovative employment initiatives that help people with disabilities re-imagine what’s possible and realize the extraordinary. Year after year, these generous friends demonstrate a belief in our mission and a commitment to solidifying our role as a global leader in rehabilitation research and disability employment.

Membership in the Kessler Society is extended to friends who make annual gifts to Kessler Foundation totaling $500 or more. Members change the lives of people with disabilities—helping people take their first steps, improve their memory, communicate, and overcome obstacles to employment.


AMBASSADORS - $25,000 and up

ADP Foundation
The Carson Family Charitable Trust
The Hearst Foundation, Inc.
Hugoton Foundation
Morgan Stanley
Dean Janeway Endowment Fund at the New Jersey Health Foundation
The Rocco and Nancy Ortenzio Foundation
Estate of Frank Rea, Jr.
Select Medical Corporation
Wakefern Food Corporation
Wallerstein Foundation for Geriatric Life Improvement


BENEFACTORS - $10,000-$24,999

Janice Beauchamp and Ray Chamberlin
Myrna and Lenny Comerchero
The Walter Henry Freygang Foundation
Gibbons P.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Janeway, Jr.
David Legow and Sarit Catz
Estate of Debra J. Lezak
Liz and David Lowenstein
Pfizer Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Reiter
Estate of Edythe Rosenthal
Lyn Rosensweig and Bruce Schnelwar
David and Erin Schonbraun
Ms. Joanne Serraino
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Sudovar


PATRONS - $5,000-$9,999

Laurence S. Aronson
Colonial Consulting, LLC
Mike and Francine Davis
Ellen and Rodger DeRose
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Mr. and Mrs. M. John Germain
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Giaquinto
Mr. and Mrs. David Gibbons
Goldman Sachs
Alyce C. Halchak, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jacobs
Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Kogan
Dr. Ruth G. Legow and Mr. Gerald C. Legow
Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Lewis
Mary Anne McDonald and Joseph Benning
Mary Rose Migliazza and Carl Guzzo
The Miller Family Endowment, Inc.
Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
Beatrice and Joseph Riccardo
The Philip W. Riskin Charitable Foundation
Mr. Michael and Dr. Marion Saffer
Mrs. Ellen Salsburg
Mr. Saul M. Simon
Alex Tripack Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Tufo
Bill and Mary Lou Weisser


SPONSORS - $1,000-$4,999

Anne and Vic Ammons
Mr. Rory Babich
Saint Barnabas Medical Center
Dan and Armi Bayoneto
Bederson LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Bell
Mr. Neil Book
Doug and Lynn Borck
Boxer Property Management
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Cannell
The Cormac Group
CTR Services, Inc.
Cushman & Wakefield
Joann and Patrick Devine
Ekso Bionics
Elberon Development Co.
Estate of Jacqueline A. Ell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Feld
Paul Ford and Nancy Young
Fox Rothschild LLP, Mr. Michael R. Herz
Mr. and Mrs. Saverio Garruto
Mr. Thomas P. Giblin
Lynn and Steve Glasser
Mrs. Pastora C. Goldner
Green Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Greig III
The Grove
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Harvitt
Mr. Michael Haydinger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Herz
Homewatch CareGivers
Mr. Matthew D. Houston
Mr. Mark Kadison
Elaine and Daniel Katz
Mrs. Mary Kennon
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Kirshblum
The Knowles Foundation, Inc.
Izumi Hara and David Koschik
Mr. and Mrs. John Kukral
Nancy and John Lasser
Mrs. Mary R. Lasser
Mr. Peter Lasser and Mrs. Cynthia Potter
Donald and Ellen Legow
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Lerner
Mr. Phillip Jordan Lewis
Mrs. Tobey Lipschitz
Mr. David Lowit
Mandelbaum Salsburg, PC
Donna and Tom Margetts
Mrs. Eleonore B. McCabe
Mr. and Mrs. David P. McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Nikhil Minocha
Stanley and Barbara Muroff
Ms. Alexandra Nee
NK Architects
Dr. and Mrs. John H. O'Neill
Parker Hannifin
Michele Pignatello and Daniel Cordasco
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Pollard
Gen. Colin Powell and Mrs. Alma Powell
Premio Foods, Inc.
The Ripon Society and Franklin Center
Mr. Robert S. Rudolph
Sara and Bob Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Schinman
Lois and David Sherwin
Mr. Ronald Slevin
Mr. Jeffrey Smith
John L. & Grace Soldoveri Foundation, Inc.
Mr. James C. Stover
Studio 1200
UNSRC Spartan Team
Barron Wall and Debbi Brendel
Margo and Frank Walter
Wells Fargo Advisors
Westminster Hotel
The Wilshire Grand Hotel
WithumSmith+Brown, PC


MEMBERS $500-$999


AAA Northeast
Mrs. Shirley Aidekman-Kaye
Ms. Amanda Brinkerhoff
Brookdale ShopRite, Inc.
Ms. Jill Chwatt Caro
Daughters of Israel
Dr. John and Mrs. Carmen DeLuca
David DeSocio and Christopher Collins
Ms. Linda Dombrowsky
Arthur and Sharon Draznin
Mr. Robert Dressler
Trevor Dyson-Hudson, MD
Mr. Aaron Essner
Jennifer and David Feldstein
Mrs. Valerie Fraser
Cherie and John Giraud
Ike and Karen Goldberg
Mr. Robert M. Goodman
Ms. Constance Goren
Michael and Jane Griffinger
Jen and Michael Halchak
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hall
Amy and Jeffrey Halper
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Hammerman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Harbeck
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hirsch
Mr. Bret Hirsh
Ms. Linda D. Howard
Mr. Terrill Jordan
Jane and Andy Kessler
Mr. Gary S. Kleinman
Walter and Debbie Kneis
Mr. Chuck Lanyard
Mr. Michael I. Lefkowitz
Mr. Patrick LePore
John and Helen Lobrano
Mr. Paul Lockhart
Mr. Brian Maas
Win and Pat Marston
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Morris
Carolann Murphy and Frank Rodino
New Jersey Sports & Spine Medicine PC
NJM Insurance Group
William J. and Dorothy K. O'Neill Foundation
Gretchen and Sandy Prater
Ms. Janine Reister
Right at Home of Essex County
Randi and Rob Rudnick
Bruce and Lynn Schonbraun
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Segal
Mrs. Inge Silberthau
The Slayton Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Donald O. Thompson
Mr. Michael Tierney



We are grateful to these friends who have made provision for Kessler Foundation in their estate plan.

Mr. David Legow
Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Middleton
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Reiter
Mr. Guy Tufo


2017 Kessler Foundation Donors Under $500



Mr. Gib Abbitt
Ms. Katherine Abesamis
Ms. Zenaida Abordo
Ms. Sally Abruzzo
Ms. Francesca M. Acanfora
Ms. Sydel R. Ackerman
Alicia and E. Scott Adams
Ms. Caroline Agcaoili
Mr. Fidel Aguilar
Mr. and Mrs. Humayon Ahmadi
Eleanor and Richard Aiken
Mr. Arab Akian
Didier Allexandre, PhD
Mr. and Mrs. Mervyn Allen
Ms. Valerie Allusson
Mr. Brian Aloia
AmazonSmile Foundation
Mr. Gregory Ames
Mr. Scott Ammaturo
Mr. Shai Anbar
Mr. and Mrs. K. Tucker Andersen
Ms. Meg Anderson
Ms. Sabrina Andrews
Mr. Ghaith J. Androwis
Ms. F. C. Ang
Ms. Louise Angelillo
Linda and Ronald and Arends
Ms. Nancy Ashton
Dr. Allison Averill and Mr. Kevin Jennings


Ms. Karla Baig
Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Balavram
Ms. Meg Balter
Mr. Barry Barber
Ms. Claudette Barber
Meredith Barber, PsyD
Mr. Scott Barber
Ruth and Martin Barber
Mr. Mike Barbieri
Ms. Sandra Barnett
Peter J. Barrance, PhD
Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Barreira
Ms. Noel F. Barreira
AM Barrett, MD
Ms. Michele Barry
Bartley Associates LLC
Ms. Doreen Bartnikowski
Ms. Rosalie Batista
Dina and Douglas Bauer
Ms. Christy Bause
Ms. Alisa Bechthold
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Beggio
Ms. Robyn Behring
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Belchik, Jr.
Mr. Michael Bell
Ms. Sheryl Bell
Mr. Ronald Bellsiano
Mr. Michael Di Benedetto
Mr. Terry Benesh
Ms. Kathleen Benick
Ms. Suzanne Ben-Menachem
Ms. Christina Bentrewicz
Ms. Claudia Bergman
Mr. Bernie Bernbrock
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Berry
Mr. James Bez
Mr. David Bialoglow
Ms. Lynne Biamonte
Ms. Felicia A. Biase
Ms. Elvira Bibbo
Ms. Bozena Bielonko
Ms. Donna Bigley
Mr. Henry Bisco
Mrs. Frances S. Blackman
Ms. Kecia Blissett
Ms. Sybrina Blissett
Ms. Lorraine Blum
Mr. Christopher Bober
Ms. Mimi Boe
Ms. Janina Boesch
Mr. Robert F. Bohlander
Ms. Ellen Boneski
Mrs. Mary Beth Bos, MBJ Group, Inc.
Amanda L. Botticello, PhD
Ms. Olga Boukrina
Ms. Antoinette Bouza
Mr. James J. Boyle
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Boyle
Mr. Keith Brach
Mr. Matthew Bracket
Mrs. Miriam S. Braun
Ms. Melissa Breen
Mr. Gary F. Brendel
Bridgeway Senior Healthcare
Mrs. Eileen Brisbine
Cheryl and Craig Brod
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Brodsky
Lauren and Richard Brody
Ms. Gail Bronski
Kathleen Brough and Dr. David Isralowitz
Doris C. Brown and Leonard R. Davis
Mr. Ian James Brown
Ms. Emma Brumfield
Mr. Aaron Buda
Ms. Klariza Buda
Ms. Miriam A. Buda
Mr. Mark Budaj
Ms. Ellen Buechner
Ellen and Philip Buechner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Buggey
Miss Lisa C. Buono
Mr. Roger Burdette
Mr. Grasheen Burns
Ms. Alenne Burroughs
Mr. Andrew Bush
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bush
Ms. Lisa Buttenheim
Mr. Mike Byrnes



Amanda and Chris Cagna
Mr. Kenneth J. Caldera
Mr. Jerson Calderon
John Cambria and Dr. Debbie Capko
Ms. Teresa Canada
Mr. Lewis J. Candura
Mr. James A. Cannon
Mr. Mario Caranfa
Meg and Tim Carbone
Drs. Dominick and Carol Carielli
Ms. Meghan Carney
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Caron
Ms. Robin Carr
Mr. Scott Carter
Mr. Allan Cascais
Mr. Tom Case
Mr. Robert T. Cassel
Ms. Deborah Castellan
Mr. Howard J. Cavalero
CCI Construction, Inc.
Dr. Andrew Cedarbaum and Ms. Roberta Kestenbaum
Ms. Valerie Ceva
Ms. Mary Chan
Ms. Vic Chandok
Mr. Davis R. Chant
Chelsea Senior Living
Mr. Scott and Dr. Pratiksha Chesney
Nancy and Nicholas Chiaravalloti
Rob and Nancy Christian
Ms. Gina Christiano
Mr. Joseph Chudek
Ms. Nicole Chyzowych
Patty and Joe Ciciarelli
Marie and William Cintron
Mr. Nicholas Cioppettini
Mr. David G. Cohen
Ms. Marjorie W. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent S. Colagiuri
Peter Colavito and Deirdre Schifeling
Ms. Catherine M. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Collins
Comperatore Associates, Inc.
Ellen and John Cona
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Concato
Ms. Lisa Coniglio
Ms. Valerie Anne Conley
Mrs. Winifred K. Conley
Mr. Frank Conlon
The Honorable William T. Connell
Ms. Denise Connors
Ms. Jacquelyn Connors
Mr. Jeff Conover
Ms. Samantha Conroy
Ms. Marion Coolen
Ms. Marion Cooney
Miss Chloe Cordasco
Mr. Peter Cosentino
Silvana L. Costa, PhD
Mr. Tony Cothron
County Graphics Business Solutions
Mrs. Betrechia Cox-Pettigrew
Anne and Tom Crescitelli
Mr. Angelo Cretella
Ms. Sharon R. Cross
Ms. Chelsea Crytzer
Danielle and Jonathan Cuccio
Mr. Jimmy Cuevas
Mr. Jim W. Cuevas
Ms. Luanne Culbert
Ms. Tanya Culver
Ms. Connie Curran
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Curry
Ms. Nadine Curtin
Ms. Rose Cusack
Arthur Cytryn, MD



Angela and Ralph D'Addario
Ms. Laura Dale
Ms. Marianne Dangelo
Ms. Jennifer Dashio
Maria and David DaSilva
Davantha Corporation
Mr. Alpa Dave
Mrs. Barbara M. Davis
Mr. John Davis
Ms. Sarah Davis
Mr. William F. Davis
Davison Eastman Munoz Lederman & Paone
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond DeCarlo
Ms. Diane Deeney
Mr. Michael DeFrino
Ms. Taylor Degen
Ms. Maryann DeGennaro
Ms. Gail A. Del Grosso
Ms. Laura Delahanty
Ms. Shelley Delaney
Mr. Eugene P. Delmonico III
Marita and Eugene Delmonico
Ms. Camille Deltosta
Ms. Jacqueline DeMarzio
Mr. Sante D'Emidio, Jr.
Ms. Barbara Denby
Mr. Marcos DeOliviera
Ms. Alena DePaola
Mr. Nicholas DePierro
Mr. and Mrs. Louis DeSmet
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel DeTrolio
Mr. Norbert Deutsch
Peggy and Ed Dever
Mr. Dudley Devine
Mr. Roger V. DeVos
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dewey
Ms. Prima Dhar
Ms. Ana Dias
Mr. Matthew Diaz
Mr. Ken Dick
Mr. Neal Dickerman
Mr. Allan Dickson, Jr.
Donna and Steven DiCosta
Mrs. Alice Dillon
Ms. Estrella S. Dimaculangan
Mr. Brandon DiMartino
Mr. Mike DiPaolo
Ekaterina Dobryakova, PhD
Mr. Patrick J. Doherty, Jr.
Ms. Rocelle Domingo
Mr. Robert S. Donahue
Kathleen and Roger Donnelly
Mr. Thomas Donohue
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Doran
Mr. Thomas Dorner
James Dougherty and Nancy Borzain
Ms. MaryBeth Drubulis
Ms. Carly Druck
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pfeiffer
Ms. Robin Duhaime
Mr. Allen Dutzi
Ms. Kelly Dwyer


Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Edelman
Ms. Naphtaly Ehrenberg
Mr. Ulysses Elijah
Yok Eng Tan
Ms. Janet M. Engelmann
Laurel and Andy Epstein
Ms. Marita Erbeck
Ms. Allison Erminio
Ms. Laura Essner
Mr. Abbott Estrin
Mrs. Gail Ewin


Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Fabian
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fanburg
Mr. Matt Farnham
Ms. Amy Farr
Ms. Kimberly Favara
Ms. Elizabeth A. Fealy
Ms. Margaret M. Fearon
Ms. Nancy L. Featherstone
Ms. Katherine Federle
Mr. Larry S. Feigenbaum
Mr. Myron Feldman
Ms. Terry Feldman
Felician Sisters
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fenn
Ms. Janet Fernandez
Mr. Milton Fernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale E. Ferrante
Mr Antonio Filmore
Brian and Blanche Finale
Ms. Denise C. Fiore
Mr. Jesse Fischer
Mr. Neal Fisher
Olivia Fisher
Ms. Lori Fishkind
Mr. Patrick J. Fitzpatrick
Mrs. Mary E. Flannery
Florin Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Folkman
Mrs. Diane L. Formica
Nina and Norman Forrest
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G. Forte
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Forte
Mr. Robert Fortunato
Ms. Mary Foster
Mr. Norris Foster
Mr. Wallace W. Foster, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Fotschky
Ms. Ashley Frazier
Dr. and Mrs. Eliot Freeman
Ms. Margie Freeman
Mrs. Elaine Freinberg
The Honorable and Mrs. Rodney P. Frelinghuysen
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Friedman
Ms. Jackie Friedman
Mr. Jake Friedman
Ms. Lisa Friedman
Mr. Mark Friedman
Ms. Tamima Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Friezo
Ms. Janet Frigerio
Mr. Dennis Fry
Ms. Linda Fry
Mrs. Dorothy Fulgoni
Ms. Sally Fullman
Mr. Thurman Furda
Mr. Ned Futterman
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Futterman
Denise C. Fyffe, PhD


Andrea and Daniel Gagliano
Ms. Celeste A. Gagliardi
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Galbraith, Jr.
Mr. Bill Gallagher
Mr. Jatin Gandhi
Ms. Nisha Gandhi
Ms. Usha Gandhi
Mrs. Jennifer Gandolfo
Mr. Joey Gangel
Mr. Hermin Garic
Mr. Sal Garilli
Ms. Janice Gaughan
Mr. Robert S. Gazsik
Geraldine and John Generazio
Helen M. Genova, PhD
Ms. JoAnn Genzanto
Ann and Andrew George
Robert and Lauren Gibbon
Mr. Joey Gibbs
Ms. Noreen M. Giblin
Mr. George Gilbert
Ms. Irene Giles
Ms. April Gilmore
Ms. Beth Gilroy
Ms. Christina Gilson
Ms. Clorissa Gioscia
The late Mr. John M. Giraud
Michael and Michelle Giraud
Mr. Rich Giraud
Ms. Alva Glaser
Ms. Valerie Glassford
Ms. Jeanne L. Gleason
Mrs. Alice Glickman
Mrs. Helen Gogick
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Goldberg
Terri and Michael Goldberg
Ms. Barbara B. Goldman
Mr. Daniel Goldman
Ms. Susan Goldring
Ms. Jacqueline Goldstein
Lauren and Michael Goldstein
Ms. Susan Gomes
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar M. Gonzabay
Ms. Susan Goodin
Ms. Jane Gorcica
Mrs. Leonore Gordon
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Gordon
Ms. Lynne Gorman
Ms. Marisa Gough
Mr. Sidney and Dr. Sharon Granetz
Bob and Gail Grasso
Ms. Jane Gravany
Mr. John Graves
Ms. Beth A. Greenberg
Ms. Sue Gregory
Ms. Ellen R. Grexa
Mr. Mark Grimshaw
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Grippa
Nancy and Carl Gropper
Mrs. Goldie Gross
Ms. Annabel C. Guevara
Janice and Kenneth Gursky
Miss Irene Guzik
Mr. Carlos Guzman


Ms. Ruth M. Kadish
Mr. Jerry C. Kahse
Ms. Amy G. Kaplan
Ms. Emma L. Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kaplan
Mr. Kiran Karunakaran
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kearney
Mr. Owen Kearns
Miss Elizabeth Anne Keat
Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Kelly
Dr. Peter C. Kelly
Mr. Anthony Kemp
Mr. Will Kennon
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Kenny
Ms. Mary Kenny
Ms. Jennifer Kerbeck
Mrs. Carol Kernoschak
Mr. Marvin I. Kessler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Kessler
Mr. Sean Kiely
Ms. Barbara Kieser
Mr. Nicholas Kikis
Mr. Bob Kindmark
Ms. Eileen Kirk
Ms. Marylou Kirk
Mr. Bryan Kirkland
Victoria Kirsch, MD
Mrs. Olga Klain
Ms. Emily Klein
The Honorable Harriet F. Klein
Ms. Jackie Kleinknecht
Ms. Lois Kleinknecht
Mr. Cameron Klinger
Claire and Woody Knopf
Ms. Eleanor Knott
Mr. Gene Kobylarz
Ms. Nanci Kobylarz
Jonathan and Terry Kohn
Ms. Janet Kolstein
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Komaroski, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Barnett B. Kreger
Mr. Robert C. Krueger
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Ksenak
Ms. Mary Ann Kulish


Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Lackovic
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lagattuta
Mr. Joseph Lally
Mrs. Sherry Lambe
Mr. Doug Lambert
Mr. Jason G. Lance
Mr. Ryan Lang
MaryLou and Bruce Langevin
Ms. Wendy Lanski
Ms. Dee Lantzy
Mrs. Joan G. Lasser
Ms. Maryann Lavelle
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Lawn
Ms. Annete L. Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Gerardo Lawson, Sr.
Marianne and Charles Lazzio
Ms. Berni Leahy
Mr. Shane Lebiedz
Ms. Chaya R. Lebovic
Ms. Anne Leddy
Mr. Jacob Lee
Ms. Kenzi Lee
Mr. Kin Lee
Ms. Robin Lee
Ms. Irma Leeds
Mr. Martin Lehr
Ms. Laurette LeManach
Mr. Joseph Lempel
Dr. Jeannie Lengenfelder and Mr. Robert Brenner
Mr. Michael Lennon
Richard and Elaine Lenskold
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Leonard
Ms. Karen Leone
Anthony H. Lequerica, PhD
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. LeRose, Sr.
Ms. Marjorie R. Lesser
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Levin
Dede and Rick Levine
Mrs. Laura Levine
Ms. Susan Levinson
Harriet and Joseph Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lew
Mr. Joe Licciardello
Valerie and Arnie Lieberman
Ms. Helen Lindeman
Ms. Arielle Linn
Ms. Susan Lippa
Ms. Maryjean Lippincott
Ms. Pei-Pei Liu
Mr. Larry Lomrantz
Mariann and David Lorenzo
Ms. Marina Lorenzo
Mrs. Susan A. Lothian
Ms. Nancy Lucchesi
Mr. Roger Lugo
Mr. Craig Lworts
Mr. Jack Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lyons


Ms. Debra Machell
Mr. Stephen Machnowski
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Mackie
Mrs. Nettie Macrae
Mr. Richard J. Madden
Mr. Joseph Mahaffey
Mr. Laurence Mahaffey
Mr. Walter J. Maher
Ms. Clara Mahler
Peter and Linda Mahler
Mr. Joseph Maillaro
Liz and Mike Mainella
Ms. Corinne Maiorano
Ms. Karoline Maiorano
Dr. and Mrs. Gerard A. Malanga
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Malik
Ms. Antonia Maniatis
Mr. Thomas T. Manna, Sr.
Ms. Carolee Marano
Ms. Ann Marcelli
Ms. Maria Marcelli
Mr. Robert Margolies
Joan and Thomas Marinovich
Ms. Sandee Markwith
Ms. Blanche Marrocco
Mr. Doug Martin
Ms. Mary Ann Martin
Ms. LeighAnn Martinez
Ms. Agnes M. Mascarenhas
Ms. Jenny R. Masmela
Ms. Mary Ann Matakitis
Mr. Ernie Mathews
Tracy and Mike Matos
Mr. Sam Mauro
Aldo and Marianne Mazzarino
Mr. Michael McCaferry
Mr. and Mrs. John T. McCann
Mrs. Barbara McCormack
Mr. and Mrs. John McCoy
Colleen and John McCrudden
Joy and Jim McDonald
Mrs. Sandra McDonald
Mr. Eugene M. McGee, Jr.
Ms. Susan McGee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGowan
Ms. Teri McGrath
Mr. Tom J. Medaglia III
Ms. Mildred Melendez
Mr. Justin Mendola
Mr. David Menendez
Mr. Sean Menendez
Ms. Susan Menk
Ms. Marie Meoli
Mr. Jonathan Merber
Ms. Audrey L. Mermelstein
Mr. Robert A. Mewborn
Mr. Thomas E. Michaels
Mr. Paul Miesemer
Ms. Gloria Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Mills
Lee Anne and John Mincolelli
Mr. Arthur S. Mindlin
Mark and Lee Minnichelli
Mr. Thomas Minogue
Ms. Teresa Misiak
Ms. Deborah Mitchell
Ms. Kimberly Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. William Molloy
Kam Momeni
Mrs. Tania Moon
Mrs. Charles Moore
Mr. Daniel Moore
Ms. Erin Moore
Ms. Jennifer Moore
Mrs. Nancy B. Moore
Mr. Manuel A. Morais
Jeannine and Lenny Morelli
Mrs. Rosary Morelli
Sheila and Douglas Morrell
Ms. Roz Moskowitz Bielski
Mr. Dennis T. Moster
Mr. Eric Muench
Mr. Vincent Mufferi
Mr. David A. Muise
Ms. Ann Mullan
Ms. Jeannine Mullan
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Mulvaney
Ms. Tammy Murphy
Ms. Dorothy C. Murra
Mr. John Murray
Ms. Lynda Murray
Ms. Hillary Myers



Mr. and Mrs. Marian Naczynski
Mrs. Tracy Nanfito
Ms. Hetal Narciso
Mr. Howard Nass
Mr. Erwin A. Naumann
Carol and Timothy Neil
Dr. Ivan Nelson
Ms. Amylinn Nemeth
Network for Good
Ms. Abigail Newsome
Ms. Autumn Nicholais
Ms. Marjorie Niden
Mrs. Suzanne G. Nimaroff
Mr. Gary Nodes
Karen J. Nolan, PhD



Ms. Keiko Ochiai
Ms. Helen O'Dell
Ms. Patricia A. O'Hanlon
Mooyeon Oh-Park, MD
Mrs. Gaye Olin
David and Elizabeth Oliner
Nuno Oliveira, PhD
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. O'Loughlin
Ms. Valeri Olson
Mr. Alinco Omojola
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. O'Neil
Mrs. Vita Orenstein
Mr. Owen O'Rourke
Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Ott
Sally and Patrick Overholser



Ms. Nicole Padovano
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Padula
Mr. Jeff Page
Katherine Page and Alan Hein
Ms. Kathryn Palma
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Paragano
Ms. Beryl Parker-Lovelace
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Parrino
Mr. Robert W. Parsons, Jr.
Parsons Elementary School
Mayra and Anthony Pastore
Mr. Hemal Patel
Ms. Jagruti Patel
Mrs. Kanta Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Nikhul Patel
Mr. Nishan Patel
Mrs. Pravina D. Patel
Ms. Stacy Patterson
Mr. John Pawluk
Ms. Claire Payne
Ms. Nicky Pelosi
Pequannock Unico
Mr. and Mrs. Casimir A. Perchaluk
Ms. Deborah Perelmuter
Mr. Raymond Peress
Ms. Michele Pericci
Norris and Bibi Persaud
Helen and Charles Persing
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Peters
Mr. Daniel Petrozelli
Petry Engineering LLC
Ms. Sylvia F. Pfeffer
Ms. Jane Phaedra
Mr. Ronald W. Phillips
Mr. Donald Pichette
Mr. Daniel Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Pignatello
Ms. Eva Pignatello
Rakesh Pilkar, PhD
The Pingry Corporation
Playing With Purpose
David and Kiersten Poland
Ms. Frona Poland
Wendy and Wayne Poller
Mr. Daniel Pollio
Mr. Anthony Polzella
Bruce A. Pomeranz, MD
Mr. Joseph Pompeo
Mr. Mario Pompeo
Mr. Mario A. Pompeo
Mrs. Jane Powell
Ms. Linda Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Presutto
Ms. Mary Price
Mr. Robert Prieto
Mrs. Fay Prince
Mrs. Carole Pritzker
Mr. Zakhery Pronko
Mr. William Pruiksma
Mr. Jose Pulido
Mr. John Puzino, Jr.


Ms. Dina Quartararo
Ms. Barbara Quinn


Mr. Domenico Raimondo
Mr. Ardee Rainier
Mr. Bart Rajchel
Mr. Arvind Ramanujam
Ms. Jeannette Ramos
Mr. Ramon E. Ramos
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ramsburg
Ms. Dianne Ramsey
Dr. and Mrs. R. Wayne Randolph
Ms. Meredith Rauhut
Mr. Edward T. Rebholz
Mr. Robert Reece
Patricia and Walter Reedell
Ms. Carole A. Reen
Dr. and Mrs. Marc A. Reiskind
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Rengifo
Ms. Heather Rennie
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Revette
Ms. Joanne T. Ricci
Ms. Nancy Richards
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Richman
Ms. Monica Richter
Ms. Terry Rio
Mr. Peter Ripp
Ms. Maria Rispoli
Barbara and Joe Ritter
Mr. Scott Ritter
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Rizzo
Mr Grover Roberts
Ms. Gwendolyn Robinson
Mr. Jason Robinson
Ms. Jennifer Rochkind
Mr. Christopher Rodino
Mr. John Rodino
Jose and Maria Rodrigues
Ms. Christine Rohan
Rolling Hills Enhancement
Ms. Margaret H. Rollison
Ms. Christina Roman
Mr. Mark Romito
Mr. Gregory A. Root
Mr. William M. Roseberry
Eileen and Elliott Rosen
Ms. Roberta Rosenblatt and Dr. Michael Alpert
Charles and Joanne Rosendorf
Ms. Carol Rosensweig
Ms. Dorothy Rossi
Ms. Lori Roth
Ms. Eileen Rothman
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rozycki
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Rubenstein
Ms. Alison Ruchaevsky
Ms. Ellisabet Ruiz-Torres
Ms. Shirley R. Rumore
Mr. Carl W. Rumpp
Russo Bros. & Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Ruston
Mr. Edward Ryan
Mr. Christopher Rybacki
The Ryckmans Family



Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Saccaro
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Sacks
Mr. and Mrs. I. Jay Safier
Mr. and Mrs. Froilan Salas
Ms. Soha Saleh
Ms. Judith Sammarco
Mrs. Elisa Sananman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Sandler
Ms. Joan Sanford
Ms. Geeta Sanjay
Mr. Keegan Saum
Ms. Alicia Savoly
John and Lola Scala
Mr. Daniel Scales
Mr. Arthur Scarano
Ms. Blanche Scasserra
Mr. Donald N. Schatz
Mrs. Judy Schatzberg
Ms. Heather Schick
Ms. Lori Schindler
Mrs. Rachelle L. Schlossberg on behalf of Morgan Elementary School
Ms. Frances J. Schmid
Ms. Samantha T. Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Schmitt
Drs. Lynn Schneemeyer and William Hagmann
Earl Schneider, PhD
Mr. and Mrs. Seely T. Schoonover
Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Schott
Kathy and Fred Schuld
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome M. Schultz
Mrs. Allison Schwartz
Ms. Amy Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schwartz
Mrs. Charlotte Schwartzstein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Schwarz, Jr.
Hope and Joseph Schweizer
Ms. Emily Scotchlas
Ms. Adrienne Scott
Mike and Sandy Searls
Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. Sebastian
Eric and Patricia Seebergh
Ms. Paulette Selimo
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Sell
Mr. James Senbeta
Mr. Michael Serfess
Mr. Anthony Serillo
Mr. Jason Serritella
Ms. Donna Servidio
Mr. Allan L. Settlow
Mr. Ken Shabinaw
Harry N. Shair and Susan Brunelli
Ms. Susan Shake
Mr. Kevin Shalayda
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Shapiro
Mr. Fredrick Shaw
Ms. Shirley Shay
Ms. Mary T. Shea
Mr. John Shell
Mr. Donald Sheridan
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Sherr
Ms. Lynne Shevlin
Mrs. Antoinette Shindlecker
Ms. Rebecca Shulman
Ms. Ashley Siegel
Mr. Herbert F. Siemann
Jane and Albert Silberman
Robert and Roberta Silman
Ms. Debbie Silverstein
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Simko
Ms. Lisa Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart J. Sinder
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J Sipos
Mrs. Beverly S. Sirota
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Sisbarro
Ms. Amanda Skeens
Mr. Keith Sklar
Mr. William Sloan
Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Slome
Mrs. Angela Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith
Ms. Theresa Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Snow
Ms. Karen Sofie
Ms. Ruth Sommers
Mr. James D. Souza, Jr.
Ms. Cindy Speach
Mr. Ron Sroka
Ms. Larissa Steinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Stemple
Ms. Lynn Sternstein
Mr. George G. Stevenson
Mr. Eric Stone
Ms. Sheila Stone
Terry and Tim Stone
Ms. Kate Stotler
Mr. Robert Strausberg
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Stumpf
Mr. Dan Stusnick
Suburban Heart Group, PA
Ms. Candece Suisky
Ms. Erin Sullivan
Ms. Grace Sullivan
Mr. James P. Sullivan
Ms. Kelly Sullivan
Ms. Lisa Sullivan
Dr. Lena Sun
Grace and Wes Surma
Mr. Rodney Swezy
Ms. Susan Synan
Ms. MaryAnne Szuszkowski
Ms. Jean Szymanski



Ms. Barbara Talmadge
Ms. Danielle Tarquinio
Mr. Nassau Tate
Mr. Christopher Taylor
Mrs. Christa Teter
James R. Thebery, MA, CSW
Ms. Linda Theos
Mr. Charles Thiel
Mrs. Mary E. Thieleke
Ms. Dianne Thomas
Mr. Don Thompson
Mr. Robert Brad Thompson
Ms. Helene Thorn
Phani Thotakura
Ms. Nancy Tloller
Mr. Matthew D. Tohon
Nancy and Mark Tomassone
Ms. AM Tomasula
Ms. Michelle Tomaszewski
Ms. Denise Toolan
Ms. Rosa Torres
Mr. Robert L. Tortoriello
Mr. Richard Travia
Tim and Jennifer Trevor
Ms. Julie Tully
Ms. Marian Tumolo
Ms. Mary Anne Tunstead
Ms. Erin Turner
Ms. Joelle Turner
Anon Tutuska



Ms. Katleen Ucciferri
Mr. Robert J. Uhlendorf
Linda and Robert Umbdenstock
Mr. Kenneth Uranowitz



Mr. Louis J. Van Bergen III
Barbara and Thomas VanBeveren
Ms. Sharon Varnelas
Bernadette and Bill Vassallo
Ms. Maria I. Vazquez
Mr. Brandon Vealey
Art and Debi Verpent
Ms. Laura M. Viglione
Donald and Jessie Vincent
Mr. Michael Vitale
Mr. Gerard Vitiello
Ms. Cynthia Vlad
Mrs. Donna M. Volpe
Mr. George D. Voris
Ms. Alicia Vuoncino



Mr. Sean Wallace
Eric and Suzanne K. Walther
Ms. Joan C. Waltman
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Warshaw
Mrs. Jill A. Watkins
Erica Weber, PhD
Mrs. Susan M. Wefer
Mr. Lawrence K. Wein
Ms. Allison Weiner
Ms. Bernice Weiss
Ali and Pete Welch
Mr. Andrew Welch
Mr. and Mrs. David Welch
Dr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Wells
Ms. Kathleen Weren
Ms. Jordan Westwood
Ms. Vicki Wettach
Dr. and Mrs. Lennard Wharton
Mrs. Barbara Joan Wheeler
Mr. Daniel Wheeler
Ms. Michelle Wheeler
Ms. Suzanne Whitehorn
Ms. Mary Anne Whittemore
Ms. Alice Wiegel
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour H. Wigod
Mr. Robert Wiley
Ms. Clarice J. Wilkerson
Ms. Constance Williams
William and Elizabeth Williams
Leonora and Robert Wind
Ms. Kathleen Woeste
Mr. Mike Woeste
Tim and Jennifer Woeste
Sandra Wojciehowski, PhD
Ms. Kathryn Wolfson
Mrs. Lowell Wolfson
Francis A. Wood, MD
Ms. Sarah Wood
Ms. Paige Woodruff
Ms. Lois Wright
Ms. Cheryl Wu
Glenn Wylie, DPhil
Ms. Natalie Wynter
Mr. Kenneth Wysocki



Mr. and Mrs. Paul Yarossi
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Yellen
Guang Yue, PhD
Mr. Hassan Yusuph



Ms. Erica Zado
Jeanne Zanca, PhD
Ms. Irene Zelnick
Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Zeuner
Terry and Vincent Ziccardi
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zief
Ms. Stephanie M. Zikra
Mr. James Zuravnsky
Ms. Minnette Zweben
Ms. Kristin Zwemer
Ms. Alexandra Zybura



The following organizations generously matched gifts made by individual donors:


Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
The Chubb Corporation
Humana Foundation
Lincoln Financial Foundation
Markel Corporation
The Merck Foundation
Pfizer Foundation 


In 2017, we received gifts in honor of:


Dr. Allison Averill
Karyn Baig, DPT
AM Barrett, MD
Jose Batista
Pauline S. Becker
John Michael Carbonara
Bradley Carbone
Dave Carver
Dr. Noah Chivian’s Re-Bar Mitzvah
Amparo Colon
Mike Davis
Jen and David Feldstein's Wedding Guests
Dr. Joyce Fitktembaum
John Furman
Bobbe and Vernon Futterman
Dr. Charles Gelber’s Healthy and Happy Retirement
John Germain
Joseph Gessler
Karen Goldberg
Robert A. Goldberg
The birth of Glenn and Lyn Reiter’s Granddaughter, Cecilia
The birth of Glenn and Lyn Reiter’s Granddaughter, Lilly
Talya Greenblatt
Mary “Candy” Greig’s 70th Birthday
Rosalie Hannigan for all the people she is inspiring
Candace Hartman
Henry Kenton Hirsh
Maia Hubscher's Bat Mitzvah
Neil Jasey, MD
Elaine Katz and her contributions to Jespy House
Dr. Robert Kazim
Kessler Foundation
Richard S. Kessler
Steven Kirshblum, MD
Patricia Kotulak
Ron Kuran’s 50th Birthday
Kelly Laki
Dorothy Landvater’s 90th Birthday
Steven J. Lasser
David Legow
Todd A. Linsenmeyer, MD
Marissa Lorenzo, OT
James R. Lothian
Elizabeth Lowenstein
Tom and Donna Margetts
Samantha Martin, PT
Mary Anne McDonald and Joseph Benning
Jamison Milby
Dr. Wade Miller
Heather Monaco
Dr. Elizabeth Nikol on receiving her doctorate
William L. O'Connor
Robert A. Ortenzio
Rocco A. Ortenzio
Mohammed Osman
Mark L. Pollard
Bruce A. Pomeranz, MD
Glenn M. Reiter
Amelia Rose's Family
Michael and Dr. Marion Saffer
Ellen Salsburg
Bruce M. Schnelwar
Arthur Shapiro 90th Birthday
Eve Shea’s Graduation from Seton Hall University
Saul M. Simon
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Simon's Son's Marriage
The marrige of Janice Harris’s daughter, Slone
Angela and Michael Smith and Family
Adam Stumpf
Edward F. Synan
Lois and Bruce Tapper’s Special Birthday and 65th Wedding Anniversary
Caroline Thibeault Rodino
The birth of Grant Thompson Van Beek
Lauri Wactlar and Family
Ali and Pete Welch
Glenn and Amber Wylie


In 2017, we received gifts in memory of:


Dr. Lester Abrevaya
Grace Marie Aramanda
Beverly K. Bain
Richard M. Biase
Constance "Connie" Boneski
Betty Bootes
Hazel Lee Bove
Robert Bronec
Gerald Buesgens
Eleanor Cahn
Joseph Carlucci
Mimi Cochran
Dana Cordasco
Clifford J. Davey
Robert J. Donnelly, Jr.
Margaret Mary Doyle
Kevin Dunigan
Stuart Elfenbein
James Emiliani
Thomas B. Fealy
Anthony Formica
Bruce Fraser
Eve Geller
John M. Giraud
Allen Grossfeld
Salvador S. Guevara
Gerald Gurland
Lena Jenkins
Ben Katz
Samuel H. Keat
Jerome S. Kessler
Howard Kiesel
Mel Kramer's Mother
Sid Krumholz
Jon T. Langevin
Josephine Maher
Richard Marchisio
Cypriano Matos
John J. McLaughlin
Shawn Raymond Molloy
Leonard Morelli, Jr.
Alice M. and William K. Page
Devchand V. Patel, MD
Floyd Patterson, Sr.
Burton Peck
Kathy Rand's Brother
Juana Yolanda Rey
Edythe Rosenthal
Yvette Rubinfeld
Eileen Ryan
Brett Salzer's Mother
Carolina Sanchez
Larry Scala
Eleanor Schmidt
David Schneider, MD
Charles and Ann Serraino
Marshall Sherman
Dr. Saleha Siddiqui
Michael Smith
Catherine Ann Spagnuolo
Irwin Thaler
George Theos
John Vogt's Father
Arthur C. Watkins, Jr.
Frankie Weiss
William Willingham
Gregory Wone