Two Lives Changed

On the left, Miguel is sitting in a blue shirt and has a medal around his neck. On the right, Hannah is pushing her racing chair. She is wearing a bright blue shirt and a helmet.

Your Support Creates Champions and Changes Lives 

The generosity of donors like you has given Miguel and Hannah the opportunity to prove that abilities are what matter. This past Memorial Day, racers from all over the world competed in the 16th Annual Kessler Foundation Wheelchair 10K. Miguel and Hannah are two examples of the determined and unstoppable athletes who competed in the race. In addition to being amazing competitors, these champions have one thing in common. Miguel and Hannah are committed to helping others with disabilities, in athletics and in their personal lives, so that they too have the opportunity to live their best possible lives. Read more>

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elaine katz

Benefiting the Community and Workers with Disabilities: The Dual Successes of Social Enterprises 

by Elaine Katz, MS, CCC-SLP, Senior Vice President of Grants and Communications at Kessler Foundation. Over the last ten years, there has bee tremendous growth in social enterprise businesses, which are nonprofit or for-profit business ventures that strive to achieve a quantifiable double bottom line of financial and social returns. In many cases, these are revenue-generating businesses run by nonprofit organizations for both mission-driven and profit-driven motives. Often, these are organizations that understand and already provide services to the individuals they plan to employ through these businesses. Because the goal of social enterprise businesses is to be self-sustaining, they often adapt commercial strategies to increase their effectiveness. This approach has been particularly promising in creating new opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Read more ->

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